Royal Tosse’e Paydar (RTP) Co. Ltd, a company active in the fields of Control, Robotics and Printed Electronics, is the designer and producer of advanced Robots and Slip Rings. RTP with its brilliant background exceeding 15 years, has absorbed various clients from all around the world.

This company is one of the prominent and well known producers of Slip Rings, Rehabilitation Robots, Animated Robots, Cartesian Robots and in the near future, the medical robot named K1 LifeBot. The RTP technical team is composed of experienced experts graduated from outstanding universities, which exploit their knowledge to design and produce robots and to provide services in the field of Printed Electronic products.

RTP has tried its best to exploit the latest technologies in the design and production procedure of its product. Considering the medical filed, RTP has produced a vast spectrum of Rehabilitation Robots including the ones utilized for arm, wrist and feet. Moreover, in the near future, RTP would present its new medical robot, the K1 LifeBot. In the academic field, various robots like the Cartesian Robots and research and industrial robots have been produced by this company.

Customer orientation is one of the most fundamental policies at RTP. We have created our company based on precious values, which we hope to keep them with your kind companion.